How to Mount EFS on EC2 Instance

In this article we are going to cover How to Mount EFS on EC2 Instance in AWS

How to Mount EFS on EC2 Instance in AWS

Below are steps to mount EFS on EC2 Instance

Step #1: Select region to Create an EFS File System

Step #2: Open the Amazon Elastic File System and Create File System

Step #3: Configure file system access

Step #4: Review and create File System

Step #5: Create 2 EC2 instance in the same region

wait for EC2 instances to be in running states

Step #6: Login to 1st EC2 Instance go to root user and make directory efs

Step #7: Using this Mount Command Mounting File system

Run the above mount instructions commands.

Step #8: Change directory and Create File

Step #9: Login to 2nd EC2 Instance go to root user, make directory and Use Mount Command (Step 7) Mounting File system

Step #10: Change directory and use ls –ltr  file and df –h

ls –ltr
df –h


We have covered Mount EFS file system on EC2 Instance.

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Amazon Elastic File System official page

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