How to connect to AWS EC2 Instance using MobaXTerm

In this article, We are going to perform How to connect to AWS EC2 Instance using MobaXTerm.

First download .pem file from AWS and open port 22 SSH port in EC2 instance security groups


Step #1: Download MobaXTerm

Download and install MobaXTerm from official MobaXTerm site for Windows 10.

Step #2: How to connect to AWS EC2 Instance using MobaXTerm

Once Installed open the mobaxterm, Go to Sessions Menu , click on New Session as shown below.

open mobaxterm terminal

Input your AWS EC2 Instance IP , UserName in Remote Host and Specify UserName field.

Here I am connecting to Ubuntu Instance , If your are connecting AWS EC2 then type user ec2-user into the field Specify username

Click on Advanced SSH Settings tab and give the path of your instance .pem file in field use Private key as shown below

Click on OK button to connect AWS EC2 instance using mobaxterm

type ec2 login details

Once connected , you will see like below AWS Instance SSH terminal

logged in to aws ec2 instance


In this article, We have covered How to connect to AWS EC2 Instance using MobaXTerm.

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  1. whenever trying to connect to my ec2 instance it shows connection time out even tried changing the internet source but still same problem persist,even tried using putty for ssh but still got no luck,could you suggest me an option i am very confused why this problem is occuring.


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