How to Connect EC2 Instance using Putty

In this article, We are going to perform How to Connect EC2 Instance using Putty

First download .pem file from AWS and open port 22 SSH port in EC2 instance security groups

allow 22 port in aws security group

Download putty and puttygen from this link

once downloaded install and open the puttygen

putty key genrator

Now click on Load and give the path .pem file

click on save private key

once loaded click on save private key

save ppk file without passphrase

here you can set password for ppk and we are not adding password , it is asking to save ppk file without passphrase.

How to Connect EC2 Instance using Putty

Open putty , give the path of your ppk file and click on Open

add ppk file in putty


In this article, We have covered How to Connect EC2 Instance using Putty.

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