How to Create IAM User in AWS Step by Step

In this article, We are going to cover How to Create IAM User in AWS Step by Step and setup IAM Policy to user.

How to Create IAM User in AWS Step by Step

Below are steps to Create IAM User in AWS.

Step #1: Login to AWS Management console and search “iam” in search box.

login aws manament console and search iam 1

Step #2: You will redirected to IAM dashboard, click on Users at left side.

redict iam dashboard 2

Step #3: Click on Add user as shown below.

click on users and click on add user 3

Step #4: Give unique name that doesn’t exist already, select access types , console password , require password reset and click on permission.

add user name access types 4

Step #5: Here you have option to add user in group, copy permission from existing user.

add user in group 5

Step #6: You can attach AWS existing policies directly as shown below.

you can attache existing aws policy directily 6

Step #7: We can add tag to user but this is optional. Click on Review.

add tag to user 7

Step #8: Now you can review user details , to check whether it is correct, click on Create user.

review the user policy 8

Step #9: Successfully, We have created user , you can see AWS sign URL , download the .csv of access credentials.

user is created in aws 9

Step #10: Now login back with new credentials with username and password,

login to aws console enter new user 10

Step #11: if you have clicked on request reset new password , it will ask to change password.

change the password at first logon 11

Step #12: Now you have successfully logged in with new user to AWS Management Console.

aws management console 12


In this article We have covered How to Create IAM User in AWS Step by Step and setup IAM Policy to user.

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AWS IAM official page

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