How to Create a Virtual Machine Azure [8 Steps]

In this article, We are going to cover How to Create a Virtual Machine Azure and connect to Azure Windows Virtual Machine using RDP.

Here we are creating windows Virtual Machine in Azure

How to Create a Virtual Machine Azure

Below are steps to create Windows Server Virtual Machine in Azure

Login to Azure Portal with your username and password. Go to All Services in Azure Portal

login to azure 1

once logged in you will see below Azure Portal Dashboard , Click on Create a Resource

click on resource group 2

Here we are creating Windows Server 2016 in as a Azure Virtual Machine.

select virtual machine 3

Step #1: Basics– Select subscription.

input azure vm details 4

Select resource group, Virtual Machine name, Region.

input virtual machine name 5

Select Instance type/Size, Input login Username and Password, select inbound port to connect Windows VM.

select instance type credentials 6

select Licensing and click on Disks.

accept license agreement 7

Step #2: Disks – select OS disk type , Encryption type and click on Networking.

select disk 8

Step #3: Networking – Select Virtual network, Subnet , Public IP, Nic Network Security Group

select network interface 9

select Load Balancing if you want and click on Management.

select load balancig option 10

Step #4: Management– select Boot Diagnostics, patch installation option and click on Advanced.

azure security option 11

Step #5: Advanced select Auto-shutdown, Backup and site recovery.

azure security option 12

select extensions and custom data if any,


select Host Group and VM Genration type, click on Tags.

select vm genration 14

Step #6: Tags – Input VM tags.

add tags to vm 15

Step #7: Review+ create: Review the Azure VM

review vm 16

Review Azure VM Basics

review vm 17

Review networking and management.

review vm 18

Review Advanced and Tags

review vm 19

wait to deploy Azure VM

azure vm creation in progress 20

VM deployment in complete

azure vm created 21

Go to Overview of your created Azure VM

check azure vm details 22

Step #8: Connect to Windows Azure Virtual Machine using RDP, Click on connect at left side

check vm details 23

connection option to your Windows Azure Machine, select RDP, take IP and Port number, click on Download RDP file.

connect to azure windows vm using rdp 24

click on connect.

click on connect 25

Enter RDS username and password, you have set while creating Azure VM.

enter vm login details 26

now you have logged in to your first Azure Virtual Machine.

check azure vm 27


We have covered Create a Virtual Machine Azure and connect to Azure Windows Virtual Machine using RDP.

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