How to Create Group and Users in GitLab [2 Steps]

In this article we are going to cover How to create group and users in GitLab| gitlab user groups, add user in GitLab, delete group from GitLab and delete user from GitLab.

What is Group in GitLab ?

In GitLab, you use groups to manage one or more related projects at the same time. You can use groups to manage permissions for your projects. If someone has access to the group, they get access to all the projects in the group.

What is Users in GitLab?

Members are the users and groups who have access to your project. Each member gets a role, which determines what they can do in the project.

How to Create Group and Users in GitLab

How to create Group in GitLab ?         

Sign in GitLab account.

Go to groups and click on new Group.

click on new group

Click on create group.

create group

Fill up the mandatory field of group like group name, visibility level, Select the role and click on create group button.

fill up group field

Now Group is created. You can create subgroup or you can Project in that Group.

group created

How to add users in GitLab ?

Go inside the Group and left side there is manage in that select member.

click on members

Then you will get below page. Now if you want to add users in that group then click on invite members.

click on invite members

Fill up the required field like email address, select role and click on invite.

fill up invite field

Now user is added successfully.

added user

How to Remove the user from GitLab ?

Go to particular groups -> manage -> members

After that go to member which you want to remove, click on more actions and remove it.

remover user

How to delete group from GitLab ?

Go to groups and select the group which you want to remove means click on more action and delete the group.

delete group

Confirm the group delete.

confirm removed group

In this article we have covered How to create How to create group and users in GitLab, add user in GitLab, delete group from GitLab and delete user from GitLab

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