How to Create a New Project in GitLab [2 Steps]

In this article We are going to perform What is GitLab, How to open account on GitLab, How to create a new project in GitLab?, Push file/code to GitLab, clone project from GitLab and delete project from GitLab.

What is GitLab ?

GitLab is an open source tool that provides code repository and collaborative software development platform for large DevOps and DevSecOps projects, allowing professionals to perform all project tasks.. GitLab is free for individuals. GitLab offers a location for online code storage and capabilities for issue tracking and CI/CD.

Features of GitLab:

  • GitLab is simple to set up and an easy-to-use UI and tools.
  • GitLab supports free public and private repositories and comes with an in-built registry that can be deployed immediately without any configurations.
  • GitLab is faster system which can be used for code deployment and development.
  • GitLab’s built-in code review, code testing, code quality, and audit applications help to detect errors faster and shorten feedback cycles.
  • GitLab managing git repository.
  • GitLab CI (Continuous Integration) is a software services that builds and test the software whenever developer pushes code to application.
  • GitLab CD (Continuous Deployment) is a software service that places the changes of every code in the production which results in every day deployment of production.

Why to use GitLab ?

The applications of GitLab provide the functionality to make automation of the complete DevOps which makes a plan to design, create, build, verify, test, deploy, and monitoring on scalability, reputation, availability, and replication.

How to open account in GitLab ?

Go to GitLab official website and click on register now OR simply you can login with Google account OR If you have an account of GitHub then login in with GitHub.


I will go with register now and Confirm your mail id and proceed with its access.

Select the role and Create new project with GitLab


Fill the Group name and Project name and click on create project.

create project

GitLab is ready to get started. Click on OK, Let’s go.

ok lets go


How to create a new project in GitLab ?

To create a new project in GitLab, Firstly Login in with GitLab.

Click on new project.

new project

After that get Create new project page and click on create blank project.

create blank project

Fill the project name , select visibility level and click on create project.

fill info

Get message like Project was successfully created.

get msg

We have covered How to Create a New Project in GitLab.

How to Push file/code to GitLab ?

Go to file/code which is you have to push on GitLab and right click on this page open git bash.

Initialize Git in the project folder

Make sure you are in the root directory of the project you want to push to GitHub and run:

git init

Add a new remote origin

git remote add origin

Add the files to Git index

git add .

Commit Added Files

git commit -m "Initial commit"

To check the git branch

git branch

Push to GitLab

git push origin master

After that you have refresh the GitLab page and you will get file which is git push.

push 2

How to clone project from GitLab?

If you have Clone project from GitLab simply you will copy the link of project means its clone with HTTPS link.


Go to folder where you have clone project and open Git Bash after that using below command you clone the project.

git clone


clone output

How to delete project from GitLab / GitLab Delete Project ?

If you want to delete project go inside that project.


Go down and click on Delete project.

delete project

Confirm the delete GitLab project.

click yes delete

In this article We have covered What is GitLab, How to open account on GitLab, How to create new project in GitLab?, Push file/code to GitLab, clone project from GitLab and delete project from GitLab.

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