How to Create VPC Network in Google Cloud

In this article we are going to cover How to Create VPC Network in Google Cloud Platform and Test VPC Network and its Subnet.

What is VPC – Virtual Private Cloud

A VPC allows you to secure your virtual networking environment, including your IP addresses, subnets and network gateways. For instance, you can securely isolate a database in a private-facing subnet that isn’t connected to the internet.

What is Subnet in VPC

Each VPC network consists of one or more IP address ranges called subnets. Subnets are regional resources, and have IP address ranges associated with them.

How to Create VPC Network in Google Cloud

Step #1: In the Google Cloud console, go to the VPC networks page.

VPC networks page in google cloud

Step #2: Click on Create VPC network

click on VPC network on Google Cloud

Step #3: Enter a Name for the network

Step #4: Choose Custom for the Subnet creation mode

enter name

Step #5: In the New subnet section, specify the following configuration parameters for a subnet

  1. Provide a Name for the subnet.
  2. Select a Region.
  3. Enter an IP address range. This is the primary IPv4 range for the subnet.
new subnet
  1. Private Google Access: Select Off.
  2. Flow logs: Select Off.
  3. Click Done.

Step #6: To add more subnets, click Add subnet and repeat the previous steps. You can also add more subnets to the network after you have created the network

Step #7: In the Firewall rules section, select zero or more predefined firewall rules in the IPv4 firewall rules. The rules address common use cases for connectivity to instances

firewall rules

Step #8: Choose the Dynamic routing mode for the VPC network

dynamic routing
Step #9: Maximum transmission unit (MTU): Choose whether the network has an MTU of 1460 (default), 1500, or 8896. Before setting the MTU to a value higher than 1460, review Maximum transmission unit

Step #10. Click Create.


Verify VPC Network and Subnet

After the creation of VPC network, we will get following on VPC networks page, verify the VPC and subnet.


We have covered  How to Create VPC Network in Google Cloud Platform.

Test VPC Network and its Subnet

To test above created VPC netwrok, let’s create one virtual machine inside the VPC.

And fill the details like name, region etc….


After that go to advanced optionsànetworkingànetwork interface Select created VPC


Now click on create button.

Once VM created, connect through the ssh and verify the internal IP whether it is coming from subnet of my-custom-network.



In this article we have covered How to Create VPC in Google Cloud Platform and Test VPC Network and its Subnet.

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