How to Create SQL Database in Azure [5 Steps]

In this article, We are going to cover How to Create SQL Database in Azure/How to create SQL DB in Azure.

How to Create SQL Database in Azure

Below are steps to create Create SQL Database in Azure.

Login to Azure Portal with your username and password. Go to All Services in Azure Portal, Click on SQL databases.

then click on Create SQL database

Step #1: Basics– Select Subscription, Resource group, Database name, server VM instance type and compute+storage .

click on Networking.

Step #2: Networking – select network connectivity method

Step #3: Additional Settings – select Data source, Database collation, Azure defender for SQL and click on Tags.

Step #4: Tags – Input tags and click on Review + create.

Step #5: Review + create – Review the Azure SQL db before creating

if all configuration is ok then click on Create.

wait till deployment azure sql DB.

Query the Azure SQL Database:

once azure sql db created, you can use Query editor preview to connect azure sql db and query to SQL database.


We have covered How to create sql database in azure/How to create SQL DB in Azure.

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Azure SQL Database official page

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